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The Solanart team were the original creators of the SolPunks, but it is now 100% community-driven DAO. We have a community elected council of Aliens, Apes & Zombies that help drive the brand forwards. Elections are conducted from time to time.
SolPunks consist of 10,000 NFTs which have the same attributes as the OG CryptoPunks on ETH. The only difference is that all SolPunks have the Solana background gradient and an entirely different coding language. This alone keeps our IP protected and your investments safe. We also have trademarks in place for extra security!
SolPunks are one of earliest NFTs to start minting on the Solana blockchain. We are very proud to be the 1st Solana NFT to sell out - giving birth to Solanart marketplace (the first NFT marketplace on Solana) and kickstarting the whole NFT ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The historic value of being the 1st project will see long-term gains. We appreciate that this alone may not be enough. We have multiple reasons to be a SolPunk holder, due to being an OG in the eco-system, we get lots of WL Opportunities & Alpha, we also have our Punk-Loyalty program which is held periodically to give back to our loyal holders that have delisted their SolPunks.
SolPunks started minting on the 8th of May 2021 and completed mint on the 14th of June 2021, making SolPunks the first collection to complete mint on Solana.
While the SolPunks are primarily a pfp we are very much working towards providing some real utility in the future. We currently offer giveaways to our Twitter raiders every week. We also have our Punk Loyalty Program which is ran bi-weekly. We are currently in the process of exploring our Staking options and creating a token - this however will take time to do correctly.
SolPunks currently live on the Solana blockchain, and our main MP is - every sale on Solanart sends royalties to our DAO wallet which can be seen in links - resources - we can also be found on MagicEden however we do not currently receive royalties from this marketplace.
- Purchase $SOL coins from exchanges such as FTX or Coinbase; - Create a wallet such as Phantom, Magic Eden or Backpack; - Transfer your $SOL to your phantom wallet - Go to to look for your desired SolPunks - Connect your wallet to the marketplace and purchase your SolPunks - You will see your SolPunks in your wallet in less than a minute
There are no legal issues with SolPunks. We are coded in a different language on a separate blockchain and of course, have the iconic Solana background to distinguish us from the ETH-based Punks. We also have trademarks in place to protect your investments further!
Each SolPunk has it's own rarity as an attribute. You can find Rarity information on the Gallery page: and also on the attributes page:

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