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Mission statement

Solpunks mission is to continue advancing and accelerating the web 3 space in the Solana Ecosystem. Our sustainability plan is a strategic intention to ensure that our policies, processes and collaborations across the value chain reflect our commitment to integrate sustainability throughout our business in web3.

Meta-Verse Integration

SolPunks early initiative is to invest into promising metaverse projects in the Solana ecosystem which will allow utility in the digital world for our community to hangout and interact in our virtual town hall, SolPunk city, and meta-verse worlds.


Desolates is an NFT collection in which each NFT is a meta-verse planet where users can build whatever they desire to, and also have the ability to show off their NFT's within their meta-verse planet!

Down Under

SolPunk's has invested in land in Down Under's meta-verse project which offers a visually stimulating 3-D world for SolPunk's to interact and earn $ROO based on the art style and land area attached to our NFT. These tokens can be used to develop and level up our land.

The Suites

Our DAO purchased a virtual suite where SolPunk's can interact and watch e-sports and other events in an exclusive collection of virtual hangouts on the Solana blockchain!

SolPunk City

We are excited to be bringing to life our very own meta-verse city featuring a downtown, city hall, museum, casino, clubs, beaches, mountains, oceans, and much more to come!
Coming into the new year, we have expanded our governance council to fresh new minds, and a team of core Solana degens who live and breath SolPunks and the success we can achieve as a legendary Solana community.

Elections for Zombie and Ape roles have recently began, shaping our new community lead leaders for 2022 and beyond.

Aside from our Aliens, Apes, and Zombies, we will also have our DAO council which will consist of the following departments:
- Tech / Finance
- Creation / Digital Design
- Marketing / Promotion
- Social Media / Community Growth
- Whitelists / Partnerships

All Punks can apply to join council teams and assist in areas they are passionate in helping the SolPunk community.

Dao Governance & Optimisation

In Q4 of 2021, SolPunks community took the initiative to setup the DAO and collectively direct our roadmap plans for 2022.

Passive Income Streams

Punk art is amazing, but its not everything SolPunks has to offer.
Our utility is one of our biggest focuses for this year in ensuring we have a diverse list of utility value for delisted holders to provide further value to the SolPunk community.

- Dao Wallet Growth VIA Marketplace
- Partnership with $KIN
- Partnership with Kreechures
- Seed Investments Into Other NFT Projects
- NFT Acquisitions
- Blue-Chip NFT Investment
We will then look at expanding in the physical world by hosting in-person events, music & artist networking opportunities, merch, and more!

Brand Growth & Real World Connection

Donations are essential for our continued operation and growth. Every contribution, big or small, helps us build a stronger future for our community. Go to Donations Page.
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