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Solpunks flips rival cryptopunks on opensea, FP rises on Solanart and MagicEden.

For the first time since its OpenSea listing , SolPunks’ floor price has hit 11 Sol, a milestone that saw it flipping legendary Cryptopunks in daily volume.

SolPunks climbing to the 28th position in today’s OpenSea’s Top NFTs ranking was all thanks to the traction it is finally gaining in the Ethereum NFT space but no one would have thought that it would eventually flip rival Cryptopunks in daily volume when the Ethereum OG ranked as the 27th collection on the list.

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Solpunks flips rival cryptopunks on opensea, FP rises on Solanart and MagicEden. 4

Meanwhile, Solpunks 7d trading volume on Solanart, its first marketplace, increased by 88.52% as its average sold price in the last 24 hours saw a 57% increase. Its sales on OpenSea, MagicEden and Solanart have also exceeded 500 in the last 7 hours and royalties earned from these transactions have been steadily deposited into the SolPunksDAO’s community treasury.

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“Probably something? @PunksOnSolana finally getting the attention it deserves. The first Collection to Complete mint on Solana. A true homage to @cryptopunksnfts art. Only adding the unique Solana background. Solpunks is a cross-chain homage. The 1st from eth and the 1st from sol,” popular Punk holder PV21Crypto tweeted earlier.

Feeling more bullish than ever, the SolPunks Council quickly announced a lottery on discord and twitter urging its loyal punk holders to de-list their punks for a chance to win 10 SOL weekly. This was contained in a tweet by SolPunks twitter handler.

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