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Solpunk Tools and Utilities

In this page you'll find a selection of Exclusive Tools and Utilities provided by the Solpunks DAO team.

Keep this page bookmarked, as we are always looking to add new Tools and Utilities that will benefit all the community.
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The purpose of this multi-tool is to create a single place from which you can easily perform some tasks such as sending multiple NFTs in a single transaction, burning unwanted NFTs, or recovering funds from unused accounts.
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SolPunks Liquidity Pool

On the SolPunks Liquidity Pool, you can: sell NFTs to the pool for instant liquidity, earn by staking pool tokens, buy NFTs from the pool if the price is favourable (arbitrage), swap your wallet NFTs with the Pool's NFTs. SolPunks Borrowing is coming soon.
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SolPunks Degen Coin Flip

You don't need to have a Sol Punk to play. Using this link and sharing this link with others helps to generate sol for the community. The DAO earns a small percentage of the profits, and it's all allocated to the SolPunks project growth.
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