A Sneakpeak By PV21 design

SolPunks celebrity designer PV21DESIGN releases a sneak peak of what is very likely to become the cover page of a co-authored book on SolPunks.

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Olayimika Oyebanji

Olayimika Oyebanji is a seasoned blockchain journalist and a DAO consultant. He is an honorary member of Ukraine DAO and a core contributor to Moon DAO. In August, he joined America's first affordable housing DAO as a core contributor and has brokered its strategic partnership with DAOHQ.

He has a wide ranging experience in the crypto space and he holds a record for being the first African lawyer to draft a web 3 constitution. He has published several articles on Hackernoon where he's currently an intern and a contributing writer.

He is actively involved in many web 3 crypto communities,namely: Solpunks (Solana), Insydin, Modernists, ArabPunkz, Brickken, Fractally, Real Pyramid Scheme, Storyverse, Asknights, Stoner DAO, Domain DAO, Space Plus NFT, Corpernic Space, Direct Aid Ukraine, Cordial World, Physix, etc.

His hobbies are reading, traveling and writing.


Key achievements:
1. Nominee of The Internet 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award(Las Vegas)
2. Nominee of Hackernoon's contributor of the year (DAO)
3. Nominee of Hackernoon's contributor of the year ( The Future of finance)
,4. Nominee of Hackernoon's contributor of the year ( Funding)

His main contribution to SolPunks NFT is chronicling its history from its origin and as it unfolds. In December of 2021, the SolPunks council gifted me SolPunks#9198(Bandana & 3D glasses)for publishing the first known series of articles about SolPunks on YRUZ and Substack. I live in Ibadan, Nigeria, and my hobbies are reading, traveling and meditating.

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