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MoonDAO’s Space Ambition

Everyday brings MoonDAO closer to making history as the first DAO to send ordinary people to outer space.  

A DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) can be a new way to re-imagine the world since it entails a group of crypto investors coming together to make a difference.  And when you are part of a DAO that is committed to sending ordinary people to outer space, you are certainly in a position to shape the future of space travel. 


MoonDAO is an internet-native organisation founded  in November 2021 by Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz and his friend, Kori Rogers. It is arguably the first DAO in the world with an ambition to reach new frontiers in the space industry through decentralisation. 

The need to open up access to space makes MoonDAO an entity united under the belief that ordinary people can shape the future of space travel and exploration. In keeping true to its mission, it bought multiple space tickets from Blue Origin and brought a vast community of space enthusiasts and crypto investors together.

In early February, MoonDAO began to gain traction in the crypto community after its funding round on JuiceBox reached a whopping $8.3 million(2,623 ETH) and surpassed the initial funding target of $450,000. This funding milestone had an enormous impact on it in terms of the influx of new investors that were buying $Mooney, its native token, at the secondary market. 

A Contract With Blue Origin 

MoonDAO prioritises sending ordinary people to outer space as a key objective to be accomplished in its efforts to open up access to space. Hence, its funding round, which was launched in November of 2021, was initially aimed at purchasing a $450,000 space ticket which could be won in a lottery. 

In March, it signed a contract with Blue Origin attesting to the purchase of two space tickets on its New Shepard rocket and a liftoff was scheduled to take place in Austin, Texas. The signing, which was live streamed on Youtube, was roundly celebrated by the MoonDAO community because it represented a bold step toward its goals.  

Why MoonDAO is interested in space 

According to MoonDAO, all of humanity can become united as a space-faring race when access to space is secured. And to achieve this goal, all of it must be united under the belief that ordinary people can affect the future of the space industry positively through its efforts to become a thought leader and a major player in an industry that is heavily dominated by private companies. 

The driving force behind MoonDAO is the need to reorient space travel and exploration towards the brave new world of blockchain technology and this move has largely influenced its anti-monopoly agenda which comes in the form of decentralisation. 

Should its mission succeed , MoonDAO’s mantra, “one small step for a DAO, one giant leap for DAO-kind”, will finally come to fruition, unleashing a torrential amount of disruption in the space industry. 

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